Gadget Battles

4+1 Cool Gadgets For Safe And Secure Outdoor Adventures

I'm not an outdoor adventure person. I'm not an adventurer at all. But at the moment I agreed to give in to the strong demands of my friends and follow them to the excursion in nature they've already arranged, a lot of fears occupied my mind. What do I want, a city lover, to put myself in the mountains, lakes, woods, and paths that I can only walk on foot?  And if I get thirsty? And if the water I have with me runs out, will I find anywhere drinking water;  And if I get lost?  Well, my wise friends won't let me out of their sight, I'm sure. And if walking takes hours?  I'll get bored in five minutes!  If only I could have my favorite music with me...but no! I need to hear every sound, every word of my friends.  They keep telling me that the beauty of the landscape will reward me. New icons, small details of life that bloom in every step will revive me.  Don't mention how good opportunity it'll be to have my body moved and learn its limits. Do I imagine me being able to get in the sight of small waterfalls or some hidden pond? Oh, that's what I will definitely want to memorize for forever.  I have to prove my presence there, to remind myself of it in my everyday life as it'll threaten to swallow me ... Okay then, I'm going!  I will definitely go!  I accept the challenge!  Do I?  Oh dear Lord!  And what clothes am I going to take with me? And how am I supposed to carry them?  They said something about compact and absolutely weatherproof... Okay, girl!  Don't panic! Take a deep breath and...  It's time for the Web Searching to speak!

And here they are the 4+1 gadgets I selected, all specially designed to satisfy various requirements during adventurous trips. 

1.PURTREK 2-in-1 Trek Pole & Water Filtration System

The PurTrek is the first 2-in-1 trek pole in the world which have a built-in pump style water filtration system. This new technology allows you to lighten your load as well as giving you easy access to hydrate instantly.  Nice! I can drink any kind of water I find!


Why did I choose PURTREK?
  • Durable and dependable you can easily use it for several years
  • Main filtration method is Hollow Fiber and this same technology is used by the largest and most successful brands of the market today
  • Provides filtration of waterborne bacteria, protozoa, microplastics, and other impurities
  • Provides almost two times more water per pump than its competitors and filters up to 500 liters per filter
  • Claim to be the best technology ever for water purification

2. My Hydro by Hydro Flask

Water is a source of life, if you drink healthy then you can remain healthy. If you are carrying water or any other liquid with you for your journey, then bottle which you are using must keep your drink safe, secure and free from harmful bacteria. In this bottle, you will get all these qualities. Awesome!  Not only can Ι drink any kind of water, but I can save it for later use as well!


Why did I choose My Hydro?
  • Available in 11 different sizes and over 14 colors
  • Consists of four parts
  • Made up of quality material so it keeps your drink fresh and healthy for many hours
  • Leak-proof and completely safe that you can easily carry these bottles to a long journey

3. Trekz Air by AfterShokz

Trekz Air is the next generation of technology. It is the most organically designed open ear headphones.  Trekz Air is designed to fulfill the demands of elite and aspiring adventurers motivated by their music and their world.  "Adventurers", like me(!)...


Why did I choose Trekz Air?
  • This new technology delivers music through your cheekbones, ensures that your ears remain open to hear ambient sounds
  • The new organic design guarantees ultimate comfort
  • Wraparound titanium design which provides a flexible fit for unnoticeable all-day comfort and stability
  • Advanced design ensures maximum situational awareness and comfort during long-term wear
  • PremiumPitch+™ which guarantees a premium audio experience, including a wide dynamic range and rich bass
  • Provides Bluetooth® v4.2 connectivity and convenient multi-point pairing
  • LeakSlayer™ technology which significantly reduces natural sound leakage
  • IP55 certified which significantly repel sweat, dust, and moisture, from workouts to wicked weather
  • Six hours of continuous music + calls on a single charge
  • Boosts bass and reduces vibration on the go
  • Dual noise-canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise, effectively enhancing the speech
  • Two-year warranty

4. Contour 4K - The 4K UHD Video Camera by Contour

Let's capture the whole world with a new design and affordable cameras, which have everything to make your adventurous special. In this camera along with powerful lenses, you will get a micro SD card to capture every moment of your itinerary.


Why did I choose Contour 4K?
  • 4K Ultra HD @ 30 FPS
  • 180 HD @ 120 FPS
  • Waterproof
  • Unique experience of photography as it has 150 wide-angle lenses
  • 270 rotating lens
  • Internal microphone
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and companion apps for iOS and Android
  • Universal Mount adaptor
  • Provides instant recording no power button control
  • Live preview
  • HDMI enabled
  • Supports the facility of lens rotation up to 270 degrees
  • You will get an internal battery which provides 60 minutes of continuous recording, USB connections, leaser alignment and Bluetooth 

4+1. Transit30 2.0 - The Lightest Duffle Bag by Matador

Transit30 2.0 is the lightest, most compact, weatherproof duffle bag it is very easy to carry and have many utilities for our daily life. Transit30 2.0 have excess space which makes your journeys special and comfortable.


Why did I choose Transit30 2.0?
  • 100 % Waterproof as it is made up of ripstop nylon
  • Siliconized waterproof coating
  • Internal sealed seams
  • Water-resistant zipper main compartment
  • Front organization pocket with water-resistant zipper
  • Capacity of 30 Liter
  • Snap together handles
  • Tether points at the end of the zipper
  • Detachable, roll-top storage bag- optimized for fast pack up
  • Available in classy colors like- Charcoal Grey & Coyote

After a lot of research and feedback, I've shortlisted these 5 trending gadgets.  I'm convinced that they'll make my outdoor adventure excursion more safe, secure and interesting.  Don't you think?