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4+1 Of The Best Gifts Santa Has Chosen This Year For Your Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and some of us have already started wondering about the Christmas gifts we should buy to our kids and nephews. Ultimately, "naughty" or "nice" does not matter to us who love them so much and we really want something different and special to give them. "Something" that not just they'll love it, but they'll be excited of.  Here they're what a sneaky glance at Santa's sack suggests!

1. Pirate Shack Playhouse by WIN GREEN

It’s time to advance your kid’s imagination by putting them in the shoes of a pirate. Let them experience the high-tide sea to find some treasure. The pirate shack playhouse by Win Green is perfect for your kid’s adventures.


The playhouse comes in a canvas bag which makes it easy to transport. Unzip the bag and unveil the adventurous dimension to your kid. You can choose one of the two available sizes: small and large, depending on your kid’s age. Connect the light-weight metal poles into the plastic connectors to build the frame and put the meticulously designed cotton fabric over on it. The cotton fabric comes with pirate-themed embroideries. The fabric is thick, yet lightweight, and high-quality. there you go! It’s ready.

You can purchase the fluffy and more interesting floor quilt separately or just purchase the Bundle offer to save some bucks. The floor quilt adds more adventure. It has a sunken ship, and a treasure marked with an embroiled “X”.

2. Portable Movie Theater by CINEMOOD

Cinemood brings you the family-friendly and portable movie theater which fits in your hand. You don’t need to plug in the device or connect it with your phone or PC. You can directly stream YouTube, Netflix and it comes with pre-loaded 120+ hours of entertainment. Connect your device to Wi-Fi and login to your Netflix account to enjoy a movie with your family.


The pre-loaded content doesn’t only include entertaining videos, it comes with educational videos, books, and audiobooks by the world’s best content creator: Disney. Your kids can now watch the pre-stored cartoons or educational videos by Disney anywhere and anytime they want. Just switch on the device and project it on any surface. You may want your kid to listen to an audiobook rather than reading them a story or you can even let them enjoy a cartoon show before they hit the hay. The portable theater has a less blue light component which makes it more appropriate for the kids to watch a video before going to sleep. It’s time to immerse into the cinematic feeling and get ready to enjoy the 12-inch screen size.

3. Gym Kids Deluxe Package by Gorilla Gym

Your kids want to play outside but it started raining? Tired after a long day at work and don’t want to go out with your kids? Don’t worry. Gorilla Gym’s deluxe package has got you covered. It’s time to bring the fun inside.


The deluxe package brings the outdoor fun indoor. It comes with a trapeze, ladder, rings, rope, swing and the most important component: core unit. You can install the core unit in your doorway and use the accessories. The accessories’ length is adjustable depending upon your requirement. Follow the instructions manual to build the core unit.

Your kids can now indulge in different activities and keep their body in shape. The core unit can be durable up to 300 pounds which means that you can do some exercise yourself too.

4. DEATH STAR™ Galaxy Projector by Uncle Milton

It’s time to take a journey to the galaxies located far, far, away. The tabletop death star replica turns into a tabletop planetarium. Plug in the 6 feet long USB power cable and choose one slide from the three available slides. The Death Star is built for ages 10 and above. You can illuminate your walls and ceilings with the high definition and vibrant Star Wars Galaxy, night sky or the battle of Yavin. Choose the slide you want to get projected and adjust the focus setting using the knobs.


It comes with constellation guide for the northern hemisphere and, also, a guide for star war galaxies. The earth night sky constellation is a depiction of the real one so kids of age 8 and above can observe the constellations in their bedrooms.

4+1. Talkie by Toymail

Talkie by Toymail was developed with the idea of ensuring easy communication for kids. It makes it easier for kids to send messages and it doesn’t require a kid to use a cellphone. It can let your kid get in contact with you whenever he/ she wants. These cute and fluffy toys can come in handy and make your time away from the kids with no worries. Toymail offers 7 different designs which are all cutesy and your kid can choose anyone.


You will need to start by adding contacts, using the Talkie by Toymail app, and helping your kid understand the procedure of using the toy. The toy comes with two buttons on the back. The cloud-shaped button is for contacts and upon pressing the button, the toy will blurt out the name of the contact. The talkie can hold up to 10 messages and you can listen to messages by just clasping the toy. Once you’ve chosen the contact, hit the other button – the recording button – to record your message and voila! It's done. The recipient can record a reply and send which your pretty talkie will blurt out.