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Meet Titan C And Titan R, Two Beautiful Electric Bikes Built by Tempus Innovative Tech

Do you love cycling? Do you use your bicycle on a daily basis, riding to work and back, as well as for fun? Do you wish to use it off-road? Are you looking for a sleek and beautiful, highly reliable bicycle that will endure the test of time? Then check out Titan C and R, the two models of electric bicycles that Tempus has manufactured.

Titan C and Titan R are light, weighing at 35 kg, and are built with aircraft-grade steel. They have a comfortable leather motorcycle seat and have been given a retro look that is sure to impress. Both models are equipped with LED lights at the front and back ends of the frame so that you can always see where you are going in the dark. You can explore the city or easily go on off-road adventures, thanks to the bicycles’ all-terrain tires and aluminum dual-crown front suspension. And they are as safe as can be, thanks to their front and rear hydraulic brakes, so rest assure that you will be able to stop immediately, even when moving quickly.

Titan C works with a 500W rear hub motor, whereas Titan R uses 1,000W. Because of this difference, Titan C can take you as far as 20-30 miles on a single charge, whereas Titan R can cover a significantly longer distance, of 40 miles maximum, depending on how you pedal. Titan C and Titan R can quickly give you a cruising speed of 20 and 28 mph, respectively.


Both Titan models take on average 4-5 hours for a complete charge of their lithium-ion battery. This is removable without difficulty, so when empty, just take it out of the frame of your bike to plug it into any wall outlet, and then remember to lock it when placing it back on the front tube where it rests.

Tempus’ electric bikes have a slim and clean overall look, as theirs controller and wires are all tucked in the “tank”. By the way, did we not mention the controller? You can conveniently access all necessary information, or make adjustments (such as limit your speed so that it meets the regulations), on your color LCD screen at the push of a button. The data displayed can include time, speed, distance that can be traveled, pedal-assist options, battery level, to name a few. Through the controller, you can even set a password in order to prevent other people from turning on and using your bike.


If you wish your commute to be as easy and light as a breeze, if you wish to explore the city or go places, always in a simple and stylish way, then look no further than these Titan C and Titan R electric bikes by Tempus.