Rotrics by Hexbot Robotics

Rotrics by Hexbot Robotics

PRICE: $ 349.00

Rotrics by Hexbot Robotics

PRICE: $349.00
03 February 2020

The most flexible robot arm with complementary modules, easily do laser cutting and 3D printing. Rotrics is an all-in-one desktop robotic arm with laser engraving and cutting, 3D printing, drawing and writing to turn your creative concepts to life easily! 

Designed for makers, designers and anyone who wishes to make important things on their desktop! Rotrics’s functional modular design aims to complete any task, easy or difficult. 

The decelerator is the midpoint of a robotic arm, our patented decelerator design decrease the gap between gears, allowing 0.05mm high repeatability. Empower the capacity for high precision laser engraving, 3d printing even lightweight industrial applications.

One can switch out modules in just one click! Rotrics gives you an intuitive and interactive way to control and bring your ideas in just a few clicks with our software. 

To remain Rotrics easy-to-use, we integrated Blockly into our software, to allow dragging and placing the code blocks to control Rotrics. Control a robot arm is as easy as play a board game.

We also provide an API for sophisticated developers to control Rotrics in Processing, Python, and G-code. To make controlling Rotrics even easier, we designed the 3.5-inch touchscreen allows you to check the status and command Rotrics within your hand. Download the G-code files to the SD card and start drawing/engraving/printing. No need to keep connecting to your computer.

  • Modular Design
  • Zero Backlash
  • Noiseless design
  • Repeatability: 0.05mm
  • Payload: 500g
  • Reach: 380mm
  • Speed: 500mm/s max 
  • Axis: 4 
  • And more...