Air Omni by PITAKA

Air Omni by PITAKA

PRICE: $ 169.00

Air Omni by PITAKA

PRICE: $169.00
01 May 2020

Air Omni by PITAKA eliminates tangled cords and adapters from your life. The Air Omni is a versatile all-in-one wireless charger that streamlines your life by charging all of your devices within a single space. You can charge your iPhone, Android devices, Apple Watch, AirPods and Samsung Ear Buds, iPad, and even your Mac, all at the same time.

The Air Omni can even charge your iPad horizontally, allowing you to use it as it charges. Wirelessly charges both Apple AirPods 2&Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds. It saves you money, time, and space by covering all your charging needs on a single portable pad.

  • Wireless Charging Output (for Phone): 5W/ 7.5W/ 10W
  • EarPods Wireless Charing Output: 5W
  • Apple Watch Charging Output: 5W
  • USB-C Side Port Output:  PD/ 18W or QC/ 18W
  • USB-A Side Port Output: QC/ 18W
  • USB-A + USB-C (Being used together): Total 15W
  • Convertible Lightning Connector: PD/ 18W
  • Convertible Type-C Connector: PD/ 18W or QC/ 18W
  • Power Input: 15V/ 4.3A
  • Weight: 830g