THE MAGNET by Troy Grady

THE MAGNET by Troy Grady

PRICE: $ 49.00

THE MAGNET by Troy Grady

PRICE: $49.00
01 May 2020

THE MAGNET by Troy Grady helped the Cracking the Code team to analyzed and demystified the picking technique of world-class players such as Michael Angelo Batio, Albert Lee, David Grier, Molly Tuttle and Steve Morse. You can use it to simply analyze your game too.

The Magnet's unique dual-expansion design works with most 6- and 7-string guitars and it perfectly works with the phone you already own. Moreover, positions the camera for the perfect angle on your playing. By capturing incredible slow-motion video of your picking, you can reveal movements you're not even aware you're making and unlocking insights that can help you transform your technique.

  • Magnet: high quality injection molded plastic, with rubber overmolding, shipped fully assembled with integrated safety strap
  • Pickslanting Primer: Cracking the Code's foundational course on guitar technique, covering picks, grips, motions, and common picking strategies 
  • Cracking the Code Membership: all-access pass to the Cracking the Code Platform, unlocking online viewing for all our lessons, transcriptions, and interviews with world-class players