Osmo Mobile 3 by DJI

Osmo Mobile 3 by DJI

PRICE: € 109.00

Osmo Mobile 3 by DJI

PRICE: €109.00
09 March 2020

Featuring a new foldable design, Active Track 3.0, and Gesture Control, Osmo Mobile 3 is a must-have handheld gimbal for content creators. It offers to the content creators a great big slice of handheld gimbal stabilization. 

Foldable Gimbal. With a new foldable design at just 405 g, you can take Osmo Mobile 3 anywhere. It has a lightweight design and an anti-slip grip that will help you vlog and shoot content throughout the day.

Stabilized Footage. A 3-axis stabilized gimbal features brushless motors that provide smooth, real-time responses to eliminate unwanted camera movements. Thanks to an intelligent design with accessible functions, Osmo Mobile 3 is designed for single-handed control, giving you the freedom to shoot and enjoy your moments. Gesture Control is also available. This convenient feature endows you to record or take selfies with simple gestures. 

Creative Shooting Modes: whatever your story, wherever your adventure, Osmo Mobile 3 contains exciting shooting modes that will inspire your creative moments. With Osmo you can re-create your favorite movie scenes and add a touch of cinematic flair to your footage with the Dolly Zoom effect and also you can take stunning footage of your scenery with 3×3 panoramas.

A slow motion option is also available, and this is the feature that helps you capture every fascinating detail. More options such as Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Sport Mode are also available. 

The new function of Handy Convenience allows users to automatically switch between landscape and portrait orientations. Press the M button twice to switch your smartphone orientation, or press it three times to switch between the front and back camera.

Improved User Controls: Another useful improvement to Osmo Mobile 3 is the introduction of advanced user controls. You no longer have to control the gimbal and modes using only your smartphone touchscreen. Now, everything from footage playback to accessing the Quick Menu can be achieved using integrated buttons on the device. 

Osmo Mobile 3 has great features, and it is a gadget that every content creator need to have!


  • Dimensions: Unfolded: 285 × 125 × 103 mm, Folded: 157 × 130 × 46 mm
  • Weight: 405 g
  • Model: OF100 
  • Compatible Phones: Weight: 200 +/-30 g;, Thickness: ≤ 9.5 mm;, Width: 62-88 mm


  • Type: 18650 Li-ion
  • Capacity: 2450 mAh 
  • Energy: 17.64 Wh 
  • Voltage : 7.2 V
  • Charging Temperature: 5 - 40 ℃ (41 to 104 °F) 
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 ℃ (32 to 104 °F)

In the Box

  • The following items are included inside the box (Combo):
  • Osmo Mobile 3 (Built-in Battery)
  • Osmo Grip Tripod x 1
  • Osmo Carrying Case x 1
  • Storage Pouch x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • Wrist Strap x 1
  • Anti-Slip Pads x 4