WiFi Smart Flood Sensor by TELLUR

WiFi Smart Flood Sensor by TELLUR

PRICE: € 34.99

WiFi Smart Flood Sensor by TELLUR

PRICE: €34.99
22 April 2020

WiFi Smart Flood Sensor by Tellur automatically alerts you through an acoustic alarm and push notification sent to your smartphone or device when it detects water. By installing the Tellur Smart App on your device you can receive notifications about the sensor's working status or when the batteries are running low. The sensor works with classic AAA batteries and has a low energy consumption, with an estimated battery life of up to 6 months. 

This WiFi Smart Flood Sensor is only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi frequencies. You can very easily download and install the Tellur Smart App for either iOS or Android device and you can connect the Smart Products using the simple steps provided.

  • Power supply: 2 x AAA battery, 3V
  • Battery life: Up to 6 months
  • Flood notifications: Yes
  • Acoustic alarm: Yes
  • Low battery notifications: Yes
  • Probe cable length: 1 meter
  • WiFi standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Supported WiFi network: 2.4GHz
  • Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm x 2cm
  • Weight: 75 gr
  • Color: White
  • Package includes: 1 x WiFi Smart Flood Sensor, 2 x Adhesive tape, 2 x Screws, 2 x AAA batteries
  • Package dimensions: 9cm x 7.1cm x 4.4cm
  • Package weight: 100 gr