Eargo Neo Sound Revival

Eargo Neo Sound Revival

PRICE: $ 2,750.00

Eargo Neo Sound Revival

PRICE: $2,750.00
03 October 2019

The Eargo Neo the latest of Eargo’s hearing aid devices. It provides cleaner, crisper and more quality sound for the user. It is even said that the sound from the Eargo Neo is so good, one may think he has gained superpowers.

The Eargo makes hearing aid devices to improve hearing challenges in users with hearing loss. This is quite a purposeful invention and with Eargo Neo, a hearing aid that fits perfectly and comfortably, almost invisible and provides the best of sound is achieved. Features that are also worth the mention include, Eargo Neo is completely rechargeable and is always connected to a very portable charger. The Eargo Neo is affordable with good payment plans and the user reviews for this device are almost unreal.

DimensionsL - 19.3mm / H - 6.8mm / W - 12mm
WeightCore Device: 1.2g
Charger Case: 61g
Battery CapacityCore Device: Up to 20mAh
Charger Case: 655mAh
GainMaximum Output 111dB SPL
Noise ReductionUp to 17dB Gain Reduction
Wind Noise ReductionUp to 13dB Gain Reduction
Port TypeUSB C
Charging Cable1.5m USB C to USB Cable