PocketFinder Vehicle by Location Based Technologies

PocketFinder Vehicle by Location Based Technologies

PRICE: $ 299.00

PocketFinder Vehicle by Location Based Technologies

PRICE: $299.00
07 July 2019

This vehicle tracking device is a powerful tracking solution to allow you to monitor both your business and personal vehicles all through the web or the handy app. The app is free and is available for iOS or Android. In the app, you can have as many independent users or sub-accounts as you need.

The map constantly updates every minute on Google Premier Mapping making it up to date and accurate. It is easy to install, and if your vehicle is in an accident, then you can know immediately where it is to respond quickly or to research. It is also very secure, using military grade firewall protection to make sure your account is safe and private.

Includes: PocketFinder 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker
Installation Kit
Installation Guide
Dimensions:Width: 3.3-inches / 7.95 cm
Height: 0.88-inches / 2.25 cm
Length: 2.5-inches / 6.35 cm
Weight:4.0 ounces / 113.4 grams
Operating Temp:-22°F/-30°C up to +167°F/+75°C
Humidity:955 relative humidity @ 50°C non-condensing
Shock/Vibration:US Military Standards 202G / 810E, SAE J1455
Power/Operating Voltage:6-32VDC
Battery Charging:700mAh Back-Up Battery
Power Consumption:active standby <70mA @ 12V
Power Save Mode:ultra-low power save mode
GSM cellular (Penta-band)