Vigo - The Headset That Helps You Stay Alert

Vigo - The Headset That Helps You Stay Alert

PRICE: $ 129.00 $99.00

Vigo - The Headset That Helps You Stay Alert

PRICE: $129.00 $99.00
07 May 2019

The designer company of the world's award-winning first Bluetooth headset that helps you stay alert while you drive your car. This device is built using two sensors: one is an infrared sensor that sits to the bottom of your eyes to track your eyelid movement, therefore the headset can work with glasses without blocking your vision at all; the other one (a six-axis accelerometer) is positioned further up and is responsible for tracking head movement. In this way, your drowsiness levels are monitored, and the headset gives you a nudge when your alertness falls. In order to stimulate you, this smart headset can be set to either vibrate, flash its LED light, or wake you up by blasting you with your favorite tune. At the same time, Vigo functions as a Bluetooth, so you can answer phone calls or listen to music. Provided it is connected to a smartphone, your real-time performance can be monitored by others, and you can receive automated phone calls, so you have even fewer chances of pushing yourself to your limits, thereby reducing the possibility of fatigue-induced accidents.

Weight:17 grams
Talk Time:12 hours
Standby Time:10 days
Sensors:infrared sensors tracking eyelid motion, 6-axis accelerometer tracking head motion
Alert:LED flashes, vibration, music playing
Smartphone Compatibility for Drowsiness Detection Feature:iPhone 4S and above, or Android 6.0 and above, are supported (Bluetooth audio functionality works for older phones)