Ultimate Companion Package by JourniDock

Ultimate Companion Package by JourniDock

PRICE: $ 179.95

Ultimate Companion Package by JourniDock

PRICE: $179.95
25 June 2019

Set up everything you need in your vehicle with the Ultimate Companion. This device allows you to dock all of your devices with each other so that you can have everything you need to have an office in your vehicle. You can also dock your cell phone and tablet and GPS in one easy-to-see and get to the station. It is ideal for modern day road warriors like taxi drivers, contractors, business executives, traveling sales representatives, realtors, hospice nurses, etc. It's also suitable for gadget lovers!

Included with your Ultimate Companion is the JourniDock table, the JourniDock center console mounting kit, an organizer for pens and pencils, built-in clipboard, cup holders, non-slip pad, 2 universal phone mounts which are also suitable for all Garmin GPS devices, and a tablet mount with a standard base.