Trailer Valet XL

Trailer Valet XL

PRICE: $ 899.00

Trailer Valet XL

PRICE: $899.00
15 July 2019

Do you need a heavy-duty trailer dolly for smooth towing experience? The Trailer Valet XL is a perfect choice. How heavy the load is never a problem. With a tongue weight capacity of a thousand pounds, the powerful Valet XL trailer dolly can carry even the most heaviest load.

The patented ball makes for easy and greater maneuvering while its standard size design makes for an easier attachment. Slide your trailer valet under the coupler, engaged the lock, tighten by screwing and you are ready to go.

The high strength pneumatic design helps the tire to withstand extreme pressure. You don’t have to worry about the tire busting on duty. 300 hrs of corrosion resistance, greater gear reduction, and automatic brakes ensure durability, speed control, and safety.

One of the remarkable features is that you can turn the Trailer Valet XL into a motorized dolly with the drill adapter. 

Handles:10000 lbs
Gears: 3 Gear System
Box Includes:Drill Attachment
Spanner Wrench
Patented Ball Mount