Tap Strap - The Wearable Keyboard by Tap Systems

Tap Strap - The Wearable Keyboard by Tap Systems

PRICE: $ 199.00

Tap Strap - The Wearable Keyboard by Tap Systems

PRICE: $199.00
20 August 2019

TAP, the one-handed Bluetooth wearable keyboard which is an intelligent keyboard is comfortable, and stylish. It types characters on your device when you tap your fingers on any surface. It features an ergonomic design which perfectly fits any individual; it allows you to move naturally. It easily connects to the computer's USB port; it uses a simple plug-and-play which requires no installation. It supports the Windows system and Mac system and works efficiently on them.

The TAP is lightweight and flexible which enables you to use it anywhere you want! It makes use of an unmatched wireless technology that provides wireless connectivity within a 10-meter range. The wearable keyboard is suitable for Android smart phones, Android tablet with Bluetooth, desktop with Bluetooth adapter, laptop, Bluetooth TV, Apple computer, etc.

Weight:0.45 lbs
Dimensions:3.1 × 3.3 × 21.3 in
Size:Small, Large
Made of:Soft-touch TPU
Battery:8 hours of operation, 72 hours of standby
Compatibility:IOS 9+, ANDROID 5+, OS X YOSEMITE+, WINDOWS 8.1+, LINUX UBUNTU and Bluetooth 4.0+
Devices such as Hololens, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
Included With Your Purchase:1 x Tap™ Wearable keyboard, mouse and game controller
1 x Charging case with 370mA backup battery (recharge 8x from case)
1 x MicroUSB cable
1 x Quickstart guide
A suite of free mobile (iOS/Android) Tap Apps & Games such as TapGenius™
to learn Tapping & the Tap Alphabet™
Exclusive access to the official TapWithUs™ community group on Facebook
Free firmware updates
Customazation TapMapper™ Tool