Men's Belt Carbon Series by Grip6

Men's Belt Carbon Series by Grip6

PRICE: $ 90.00

Men's Belt Carbon Series by Grip6

PRICE: $90.00
29 November 2019

If you're one of those who are obsessed with belts and wear them every day, you'll agree that there are these three things that make you crazy about typical belts you have all these holes but you only use one, this big flap hanging off the front and it usually sticks out under your shirt. The Grip6 belt was designed to fix just that. The Grip6 has no holes, no flap, is minimalist, adjustable and customizable belt. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and simple. No more boring extra holes, no more ugly belt flap, and no more continual adjusting. The Grip6 belt is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality standards. It’s made from aerospace grade aluminum and durable nylon fabric. It’s easy to take off, and it’s easy to put on.


Precision CNC laser machining 
9-layer, premium grade, carbon-fiber composite
16 Grams
3.0" x 1.8” x .125"
Automotive grade gloss clear coat finish


1.5 inches wide
Infinitely adjustable
High-tensile nylon fiber weave
Breaking strength of over 2000 pounds
50-80 grams depending on size