Revival Hoodie by Inlighten Co

Revival Hoodie by Inlighten Co

PRICE: $ 299.00

Revival Hoodie by Inlighten Co

PRICE: $299.00
24 November 2019

The Inlighten Revival Hoodie uses the latest fiber optic technology to light up your night. Inlighten's fiber optic clothes remain soft, light and long-lived. The hoodie pairs with the Inlighten App via bluetooth and offers you supreme sound and light experience while you are at a concert. Inlighten garments are more than just something you wear. It is your instant celebrity and an effortless tool to make new friends, stay connected with people around you and the world.

Sizes:Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Hand washable: Although the entire garment is waterproof,
please remember to cap up the charging cord and leave the battery
out of water in any cases
Battery: Includes USB rechargeable battery which lasts 4-6 hours
Pulse modes:3 preset different  (more to come)
Control:Complete bluetooth control via Inlighten App
(Available on Apple Store and Google Play)