Heated Vest for Professionals by ewool

Heated Vest for Professionals by ewool

PRICE: $ 498.00

Heated Vest for Professionals by ewool

PRICE: $498.00
28 January 2020

Heated Vest for Professionals by ewool is a perfect heated mid-layer that's both powerful and easy to use. The vest has an easy-access charging port which helps to charge its battery without removing its internal one. Its control button placed at the left of the vest is accessible even under a jacket or a uniform. If you are using it for 'regular use' the battery will last all day, otherwise you have the option to add an internal or extra battery. The auxiliary cable also enables you to connect your vest to other power sources, and it's compatible with standard 12 V DC power sources such as a motorcycle or an external battery.

Perfect for Riders

The heated vest offers you the option to tap into your snowmobile or motorcycle 12 V power, sustaining a full charge as you ride. When you unplug, the battery will continue to provide abundant heat even in severe cold!

Great for work

Purposefully simplified for worker efficiency, you get rapid, all-day heat with maximum maneuverability. The Vest will keep you warm and creative in cold conditions. You may wear it under a jacket -as a mid-layer in close contact with your body-, without feeling bulky.

Inspiration by the ''muskox''

Muskox is an uncommon Arctic animal, that can handle cold weather, like sub-zero temperatures. This specific animal offered the inspiration to the designers of the Heated Vest. Designed and tested in Canada, where you can meet muskox, the warmest, battery operated, heated vest in the world has been created!

  • Unparalleled heating power: High-density internal heating system combined with 42 watts of power

  • Dual power source: Powered by 12 V battery or auxiliary cable

  • Mid-layer: This heavy-duty vest will fit nicely under any jacket

  • Warm up Time: Turn on the power button and feel the full heat in just 3 seconds. The ewool PRO vest generates warmth in light-speed, unlike any other heated vest on the market.

  • Coverage: Full coverage heating elements. Featuring built-in, wraparound heating elements in the back, front and collar of the vest. Instead of just a few small heating pads here and there, you’re all covered.

  • Ready: The ewool PRO technology is a high-density internal heating system combined with 42 watts of power produces more heat per square inch than any other technology. Fewer layers, maximum maneuverability.