PRICE: $ 199.00


PRICE: $199.00
17 December 2019

You can now wake up whenever you want and track your cycle. Tempdrop offers to you the possibility to chart your true cycle and make better choices for your life by learning your temperature patterns. 

It all begins when you sleep! While you are sleeping your body tries to create your sleeping temperature pattern. Night owls, early risers, shift workers, and nursing moms all have their own and different patterns.
will learn and precisely pinpoint your personal nightly and monthly temperature patterns. It doesn’t matter what is your sleeping quality or even if you are a light or heavy sleeper, but Tempdrop gives accurate data only for you. 

Acquiring Accurate Body Temperature derives your body temperature from skin measurements. The ability of Tempdrop to be precise and accurate, comes from a unique combination of advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms.
The product uses two sensors for temperature and an acceleration sensor that measures three-axis acceleration (x, y, and z) to collect information on ambient and body temperature.

But the actual success of Tempdrop is more than clear, after 30 days of data collection by using it.  Our learning algorithm that identifies nightly and monthly patterns will adjust your previous results after each new reading, gradually getting smarter -while it learns your unique sleeping temperature pattern-.

After using Tempdrop for two-three months you will be able to smooth out occasional nights out drinking or bouts of illness and generate charts of your cycle. So this can be a tool that works for shift workers, breastfeeding moms, and those with irregular cycles due to PCOS and other causes.

*If you are using Tempdrop as a tool to prevent pregnancy naturally, we recommend tracking your oral basal body temperature (BBT) for two months to validate that Tempdrop’s readings correlate with your BBT chart. It’s normal for Tempdrop results to be slightly higher than oral BBT readings.

  • Continuous Measurement 
  • Learns your Temperature Patterns 
  • Your Date & Yours Alone 
  • Active Temperature Noise Cancellation (ATNC)
  • Low Maintenance  
  • Zero Radiation