Pool Duvet Cover by Snurk USA

Pool Duvet Cover by Snurk USA

PRICE: $ 119.00

Pool Duvet Cover by Snurk USA

PRICE: $119.00
13 November 2019

For this swimming pool, you don’t have to swim. That’s because it’s impossible to drown in. Chances are though that you will sink into a deep, revitalizing sleep. So dive right in. Pool Duvet Cover has photographic print on both sides.

There’s a whole process behind making a SNURK print. What many people don’t know, is that the SNURK designers come up with all designs themselves and then arrange, knit, fold or glue them to photograph the result. For the Pool duvet cover, the designers have traveled to the most beautiful swimming pool they could find, and they made the photo that would eventually end up as a photo print on the duvet cover.

All SNURK products are made in Portugal under good working conditions (no child labor) and SNURK considers themselves a people and planet friendly brand. Their bedding, made from 100% cotton, is Oeko-Tex certified. It is free of toxic substances and produced in a water-saving way. Fair trade production in Europe with ‘homemade prints’ and high-quality cotton means that their price is slightly higher than average. But you buy a quality, sustainable and honest product that has been designed and manufactured with love & pleasure for you. That’s a pleasant sleep.

Material:100% high-quality soft cotton, (thread count: 160)
Care:Wash at 40 degrees Celsius, suitable for dryer
Size:200 X 200 cm, incl. 2 pillowcases 50 X 75 cm