Babocush - The Newborn Comfort Cushion

Babocush - The Newborn Comfort Cushion

PRICE: $ 177.00

Babocush - The Newborn Comfort Cushion

PRICE: $177.00
29 June 2019

This comfort cushion for newborns by Babocush is a shaped foam mattress with a harness to keep your little one comfortable and safe. It contains 3-speed vibration levels and heartbeat sounds. This comfort cushion is best used on a non-slip floor surface such as carpet until your little one is 6 months old, or attached to a rocker or bouncer chair until they are 3 months old.

This cushion has been proven to relieve colic, gas, reflux, and reduces the likelihood of flat head syndrome.

It is covered with comforting outer fleece and has a quilted mattress protector for ultimate comfort of your baby. This cushion has a high 4.3-star average review and a large Facebook community; it is trusted by thousands of parents worldwide.