Maglamp - The Motion Sensor Night Light by HomeTree

Maglamp - The Motion Sensor Night Light by HomeTree


Maglamp - The Motion Sensor Night Light by HomeTree

29 July 2019

Designer Wang Haocheng made the lamp into the shape of a bird, and also as a combination of bird eggs and treetops. This special-shaped lamp is inspired by the Chinese culture, where magpies are birds that symbolize good luck and happiness.

Merging artistic elements like magpie figurines, eggs, and tree branches, the Maglamp is a high-design, illuminated and interactive three-dimensional figure. Because the bird is involved in electronic components, the tail is made of environmentally friendly Bioscopic material to maintain stability during use. The wooden branches and the frame are equipped with charging ports.

When the birds are sensing people, they will automatically light up. The photosensitive sensing design, when the light is bright, the bird does not illuminate, energy-saving and environmental protection. The bird's egg can be shaken and can be lighted by tapping it or tapping the tabletop.  You can even pick up and move the birds and the eggs, using them like lilliputian, unusual torches, to light your way through the house, or provide candlelight to ready by, and then return them to their place when they need to recharge.

Battery Capacity:50 mah
Induction Distance:4 m
Induction Angle:110 degrees
Size: 12"H x 7"W x 7"L /300 x 180 x 180 mm
Available Wood Styles:Lotus, Sapele, Complete Sapele
Wireless Charging:Full Charge In Approx. 30 Minutes
Warranty:1 Year
Includes:Tree Base, Two Birds, One Or Two Egg