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Meet Typhoon H Plus, The Most Intelligent Aerial Drone by YUNEEC

Typhoon H Plus is the most advanced and powerful hexacopter drone model by YUNEEC, that combines exceptional image quality and unparalleled flight stability. Its one-inch sensor camera enables users to capture images of high resolution (20 megapixels), and film videos in great detail, reaching a maximum resolution of 4K and 60fps. At the same time, Typhoon H Plus drone can reliably fly in winds up to 35 mph, for it bears a large, six-rotor airframe.

Typhoon H Plus is the current high-end professional offering of drones by YUNEEC that comes in a relatively compact size, weighting less than 2 kg (1,950 g) and measuring at 52 cm long (without the propellers). It can reach a flight duration of 28 minutes, a flying altitude of 1,640 feet, and a maximum speed of 30 mph.


The list of Typhoon H Plus’ impressive features additionally includes:

* A much improved low-light performance, thanks to its larger aperture optics, extended ISO range, high dynamic range and better signal-to-noise ratio

* A 3-axis gimbal that can rotate 360°

* A five-rotor fail safe mode, as the drone is guaranteed to safely function (fly and finally land) even with five of the motors in operation

* A significant reduction in noise when compared to other models

* Integrated Intel® RealSenseTM Technology in order to ensure collision avoidance; this is achieved by building a 3D model of the drone’s environment while in action; the system has been designed by pairing Intel’s RealSense 200 camera with Intel AtomTM, and works flawlessly with any specific flight mode having been selected (see below)


Typhoon H Plus drone takes your mind off flying by offering you different and intelligent flight options, such as:

* A Follow Me mode, making certain that the drone moves along with you, with the camera always facing in the direction you are going

* An Orbit Me flight mode, with the drone flying around you in a circle, and the camera facing you

* Similarly, a Point Of Interest mode, where the drone is set to orbit a subject of your choice

* A Curve Cable Cam mode of flying, where the drone flies along a path that you can easily program yourself by simply setting the coordinates

* And finally, a Journey mode, to capture the ideal aerial selfie photograph


Typhoon H Plus comes with a smart controller, with a built-in 7-inch touch screen. It has been designed to give you complete control over the drone, allowing you to program the flight, set the camera, take stunning videos and photographs, access all flight data in real-time, even browse the internet.

What more could you ask for? Typhoon H Plus drone truly is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art aerial photography and videography platform.