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Levimoon by Coocepts: Now You Can Touch The Moon In Every Corner Of Your Home!

Did you ever wish to touch the moon when you were a child? If you had such a thought, you must not be alone. Even though touching the real moon may be an insurmountable task, you can still experience it by bringing a unique and gorgeous moon lamp to your home. Coocepts has developed the world’s first levitating moon light that floats in the air with the help of magnetic levitation. It is one of the most creative and innovative moon lights ever developed in recent times. The natural moon light cannot reach every corner of your home, however the moon light from Coocepts is designed to create a uniform light throughout your entire room.

Moon is considered a symbol of love and romance. It not only slows down and relaxes our mind but also lifts our mood and provides a soothing experience. The moon light by Coocepts can serve multiple purposes - you can use it to decorate your room or as a night lamp at your home.


Levimoon is developed using the latest 3D printing technology, hence the color and texture of this moon light resemble the original moon’s color and texture. The multiple layers are printed and stacked one after the other to match the appearance of the actual moon. Coocepts has taken things one step further by adding the exact texture and shape to this moon light after studying its NASA images. You can find craters and spots as seen on the actual moon.

Recharges Wirelessly while Levitating

Levimoon floats and spins in the air without any support. It actually hovers over its magnetic base, creating an illusion of levitation. It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that power the LED in the moon light. The batteries support wireless charging, with the moon light automatically recharging while floating in midair. Coocepts allows you to use Levimoon either on the levitating or the portable light mode. Levimoon comes in two dimensions, of 15cm and 20cm. If you are looking to use it in a bigger room, we suggest you use the 20 cm moon light for a greater experience.

Multiple Light Modes

Levimoon comes with two lighting color options, with the colors being interchangeable at the touch of a button. There is one button on the moon, for changing the color of the light, and one more button on the docking, for charging Levimoon while in levitation.

Whether on levitating or portable mode, a single touch on the button will switch on the cold white light. A second touch will change the color from cold white to warm white. One more touch on the button will turn off the light.


You can also control the brightness of the moon light by long pressing the button on the moon. Levimoon works from 10 and up to 100 hours, depending on the light intensity chosen. The charging process can be controlled through a switch on the docking while the moon is levitating.

Levimoon is designed to offer you and your loved ones a relaxing experience. It will surely increase the aesthetic value of your living area, no matter where you decide to keep it. The first levitating moon light by Coocepts is innovative, technologically advanced and unique.