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Develop Your Creativity With 3Dsimo Mini 2

The 3Dsimo Mini 2 is a compact 3D pen that offers a number of uses. The sky is the limit, and you should not hold back, to achieve all that you can imagine with it. This stunning pen will offer you a world of opportunities, to show off your true potential.

What makes the 3Dsimo Mini 2 stand out from the rest is its nozzles, which expand its functions, making it much more than an ordinary 3D pen. You get a complete range of functions, without being limited to a two-dimensional drawing anymore. So you can draw in the air, change colors using temperature control, make glow-in-the-dark models, and create much more.

What Makes 3Dsimo Mini 2 Different?

1. Usability - An easy-to-use 3D pen that can be used for 3D drawing and modeling, 3D printing, art and renovation, designing jewelry and other accessories, soldering, repairs, burning wood and leather, plastic welding, cutting foam, and so much more.


2. Versatility - The 3Dsimo Mini 2 is an-easy-to-use 3D pen that comes with a range of exchangeable tips, and a LED display that gives you the chance to navigate through different materials and temperatures. The nozzles allow you to get different types of work done. Moreover, a special application has been designed to help you control its functions, so you can quickly get things done.

3. Support - 3Dsimo Mini 2 comes with an application that is supported by Android, Windows, and iOS systems, making it easier for you to stay connected using your 3D pen. All you need to do is download the application, and you will be able to manage your 3Dsimo Mini 2 by using your phone.

. Weight, Dimensions & Max Temperature – The 3Dsimo Mini 2 pen weighs 40gr, is therefore light enough to let you work for hours. This feature, along with its dimensions (it measures 163mm x 36mm x 22mm), ensure that it can easily be used without any discomfort. Additionally, the temperature of the 3D pen can be adjusted to go up to 490oC.

Use the 3Dsimo Mini 2 to develop your creativity and let your imagination run wild and free. Its versatility, paired with an easy-to-hold-and-use feature, makes it stand out. It is not just a single tool, but a multiple-use and all-in-one pen, that offers all that you may need and can be wirelessly managed. It is an easy-to-manage-and-maneuver system that will change the way you have been forming and implementing your ideas. Unlike most artists who are bound by the technology they use, the 3Dsimo Mini 2 breaks all barriers and is brought forward as the ultimate artistic pen.