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Homemade Rotis And Tortillas, Is That Possible? With Rotimatic by Zimplistic, It Is!

Reduce your cooking time and eat freshly-made rotis with the world’s first ever fully automatic roti maker from Zimplistic. The roti maker is designed and developed by Zimplistic, which is a Singapore-based technology and innovation company. This roti maker can easily prepare puris, rotis, pizza bases and tortillas in just about 90 seconds. It is a revolutionary product that was developed to help people get freshly made rotis whenever needed.


The roti maker has a distinct design and comes with impressive IoT and AI technology features that make the process of roti preparation simple and effortless. When switching on Rotimatic, you have to wait for six minutes for it to warm up. Then the process is very simple: you only have to add the ingredients in the roti maker and, in just a few minutes, you will have fresh and healthy rotis. Interestingly, the machine kneads the dough and roasts one more roti at the same time. So it takes less than two minutes to get the next rotis out.

Automatic Roti Maker

After Rotimatic comes to temperature, just add the oil, water and flour into it. Then choose the number of rotis to be baked. Within a few minutes, you will get hot, puffed rotis. The machine easily measures and mixes the ingredients, automatically kneads the dough, cooks and dispenses the rotis. The technology used in Rotimatic makes the whole task easier and quicker. You also have lots of options for customization, and can choose to adjust parameters such as thickness of the rotis, oil quantity, and roast settings. Furthermore, you are not limited to just plain rotis, for you can add different types of dry ingredients like onion powder, spices, etc. into the flour container.

Technology in Rotimatic

This automatic roti maker comes with 10 motors, 15 sensors and more than 250 moving parts for preparing fresh rotis. It also allows a Wi-Fi connection so that you are able to connect it to a smartphone via the relevant application in order to set it up. Rotimatic uses a complex technology to successfully complete different processes that include accepting three different ingredients, mixing and kneading them, rolling to get a flatbread and finally cooking the bread. It can quickly churn out a number of rotis without any effort.

The recommended flour brands by Rotimatic are Sujata and Aashirvaad, however you can use any flour brand for making rotis. There are dedicated containers in Rotimatic for flour, oil and water. The container in which the flour is added does not require regular washing and should always be kept dry.

There are two sections in Rotimatic for completing different operations. On one side, the flour, oil and water are mixed and kneaded. On the other side, rolling and baking is done. Both operations are done simultaneously so that you quickly get freshly baked rotis. The roti maker by Zimplistic is big, durable and requires minimal maintenance. It might look heavy but takes very little space of your kitchen worktop.


The first fully automatic roti maker by Zimplistic can be a terrific addition to your kitchen. It has a distinct, impressive design, and is made from superior materials. It is very technologically advanced and allows you to pair it with Android or iOS applications for remote diagnostics.