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Doona: Move Your Baby From Car Seat to Stroller in Seconds!

The most comfortable resting place for your baby is in your arms. However, you cannot keep carrying around your baby when driving, or walking around in a grocery store, and it can get to a point where you get absolutely nothing done. In addition, this is not the right position for a baby either. Doctors suggest that babies should sleep laying on their back as this allows them to freely move around, encouraging muscle and bone development. Therefore, you need a simple and easy-to-use baby stroller set that quickly transforms from one thing to the other. The next generation Doona baby car seat does just that, offering you the unique opportunity to move your baby from the car seat to the stroller and back in two seconds.


Why Doona?

The reason you buy a car seat for your baby is to make sure that they are safe. It would be a huge risk, as well as against the law, to hold your child while driving, or allow them to be free in the car. On the other hand, a stroller is not a necessary purchase, but a practical one. And walking around with a large car seat by your side is impossible, which is why you need something that covers both your needs and wishes.

● Easy Operation - The Doona car seat is easy to operate, and you can have it at three different positions: if you decide to use it as a car seat, know that you can easily install it with or without a base, so you can car easily hop on any taxi or other vehicle. When in rest mode, you can use it as a regular carrier seat and easily pull it along. And as a stroller, the Doona car seat allows you to walk around freely with your baby.

● Innovative Design
- One of the things to take into consideration when picking a car seat for your child is its design. You will be happy to know that the 2-in-1 Donna stroller and car seat offers an innovative and charming design to perfectly fit your car and personal style. With this modern designed car seat and stroller, you will be cruising around in style.

● Safety
- One of the biggest features this car seat and stroller has to offer is safety. What you get is a padded seat, along with a fully supporting belt system. Moreover, the seat is crafted using premium grade materials that keep your baby safe during a possible impact, so you can rest assured.

● Lightweight
- Doona has a body lighter than any other car seat and stroller combined. This makes it easier to handle, so that you won't have to struggle when switching from a car seat to a stroller, or vice versa.