Hook and Ring Game by Tosso.com

Hook and Ring Game by Tosso.com

PRICE: $ 49.95 $34.95

Hook and Ring Game by Tosso.com

PRICE: $49.95 $34.95
24 July 2019

The Hook and Ring game is easy to play but requires some skills to master. It can be played by any number of players. Each player has to stand back and swing the ring 10 times scoring a point for each time the ring sticks onto the hook. Take turns swinging the ring and the first player to 21 points wind.

This is a classic hook and ring game with the added bonus of a bottle opener and a magnetic bottle cap catch. 

In the box:Wooden base (17” x 3.25" x .75”) with build in neodymium magnet
1 Steel bottle opener (Mounted to base)
2” Steel Ring with 8’ of nylon string
3.5” Steel hook
1.5” Eye hook screw
2 Mounting screws
Assembly and mounting instructions