Holus Home by H+Technology

Holus Home by H+Technology

PRICE: $ 643.00

Holus Home by H+Technology

PRICE: $643.00
16 October 2019

Holus is a tabletop holographic platform that converts any digital content from a computer, tablet or smartphone into a 3D holographic experience. Whether it is a board game, DNA structure or the solar system, your content comes alive - view it from four different angles and interact with it in ways that have never been possible.  

With Holus Home edition you can enjoy playing games on Holus face-to-face with friends and family, learning and holographic teleconferencing. Unlike many entertainment and wearable systems that isolate people, Holus aims to create a “social campfire” experience that brings people together without having them miss out on real life moments.

Dimensions:40 x 51 x 51 cm
Ports:1 USB Port, 2 Charging Ports
Apps:Available on the Apple and Google App Store