Mars - The Levitating Speaker by crazybaby

Mars - The Levitating Speaker by crazybaby

PRICE: $ 329.00

Mars - The Levitating Speaker by crazybaby

PRICE: $329.00
21 October 2019

Mars by crazybaby is a floating in the air bluetooth Hi-Fi audio device with smart wireless charging. It comprises Mars Craft and Mars Base. Mars has an aesthetic and minimalistic design. It's equipped with auto-levitation technology and high Audio quality. Just place the Mars Craft on top of the Base and let it drive you in the exciting work of pure music. The listening experience is unique and you can have it Indoors or Outdoors. You can take the Mars Craft with you in your pocket or use its powerful internal magnet for sticking it on your bike and enjoy music on the go.

Material: Durable aircraft grade aluminum
Finish: White, Space Grey, Black
Craft weight: 12.77 ounces (362 grams)
Base weight:   54.11 ounces (1534 grams)
Craft dimensions:H38.5mm X W122mm
Base dimensions: H236.3mm X W153mm
Levitation height:20±2mm
Connectivity:Bluetooth low energy (BLE) 4.0
Craft battery: Up to 6 hours of continuous play time
Craft power: Wireless smart charging 
Base battery: Up to 8 hours of continuous play time  
Base power: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (7.4V, 4000mAh)