The+Record Player by +Audio

The+Record Player by +Audio

PRICE: $ 1,326.12

The+Record Player by +Audio

PRICE: $1,326.12
03 October 2019

The Plus record player is an integrated hi-fi turntable system beautifully built for today’s Vinyl audiophile. Many may argue that recorders play awful sound but that is not the case for the Plus record player. Compactly designed to be less spacious, and beautifully made for that retro-cultural ambience, the Plus record player is not just a feel for antiquity, it is very functional as most users have discovered.

With high quality built-in speakers, the Plus record player does certainly fill a room with premium sound. It is almost unbelievable that all that rich sound comes from a turntable! I must add that a striking feature for this device is the non-effect of built-in speakers on the Vinyl playback. Nostalgic audiophiles will find this device to be priceless.

Speaker System2-Way Bi-Amplified, with Vibration Cancelling Architecture
Woofers & Tweeters2 High Excursion 3.5″ Woofers & 2 Soft-dome 1″ tweeters
AmplificationClass-D, 100W Maximum Power (2 x 35W+ 2 x 15W)
Signal Processing56-Bit Double Precision DSP with >100dB Signal to Noise Ratio
Motor24 Pole Synchronous
Speed ControllerCrystal Stabilized Digital Electronic
USB CODECFor Computer Recording and File Playback
BluetoothHeadphone OutputYes