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Smacircle S1 - The Future of Electronic Transportation

Sitting on a particular spot for an hour instead of just a few minutes, while waiting at a bus stop, and all because of traffic, can frustrate you; or perhaps, trekking down the street can leave you exhausted, it is definitely no fun. If you wish to put an end to all this, then you need to check out this innovative, electronic mobile machine that is called Smacircle S1: it is the future of electronic transportation.


Smacircle S1 is less like an ordinary bike and more like an electric one, meaning that it is powered by a battery. This electric bike comes in an amazing, well-thought design, for it can actually be folded up and kept in a bag. How amazing is that? Let's take a quick glance at the features that it has to offer.

1. Compact Design - Smacircle S1 is a modern, computerized bike that is manufactured with high-quality carbon fiber, making it very lightweight and easily foldable in just five basic steps. Although it may look small, it is strong enough to carry about 220lbs in weight, which is more than the average weight of a man.


Unlike other e-bikes that can be heavy and bulky, Smacircle S1 is about 19 inches long, and can be folded and kept in a backpack, or even held at the saddle. You can, therefore, carry your Smacircle S1 e-bike wherever you go.

2. The Advanced Parts – Smacircle S1 has a 240W brushless DC Motor, which can take you on a ride at 12mph, and even on a rainy day, for it is waterproof. The tires of this e-bike are solid damping, which makes them be resistant to wearing and punctures. In addition, they permit an easy ride even on rough roads. Smacircle S1 has a smart and sensitive breaking system that controls the speed and stops the bike when necessary, preventing speed-related accidents. And speaking of safety, Smacircle S1 also features front and side lights which light the way and make the rider visible to other road users.

3. The Electrical Capacity
- Smacircle S1 has an inbuilt Samsung lithium-ion battery that can take you as far as 12 miles before a recharge is needed, and this will only take 2.5-3 hours. The battery is located underneath the seat, which helps to prevent it from overheating. It can withstand a temperature range from -4°F to 122°F, which is the average weather condition in most places around the world.


The saddles are also adjustable, and there is a holder for your smartphone to keep it in place and help you find your way on a map in case you are lost.

4. Safety – Smacircle S1 has a connected, personalized mobile application. This application allows riders to monitor and control the speed, light, battery, and also to lock and unlock the bike.

Smacircle S1 indeed represents the future of transportation; this e-bike is a typical example of what is yet to come.