Coffee Grinder & Camp Light by LUME

Coffee Grinder & Camp Light by LUME

PRICE: $ 89.00

Coffee Grinder & Camp Light by LUME

PRICE: $89.00
10 August 2019

LUME's Coffee Grinder and Camp Light is meant for you to take on the go! You can use it at home or carry it with you so you can rest assured you always have a delicious cup of fresh coffee wherever you go, either hiking, backpacking, camping or out on the open road. It comes with a velvet bag to keep it safe and protected while you travel.

It features a built-in adjustable grind selector so you can fine-tune it to get the coarseness you want. Just turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise so you can reach the perfect size for your coffee drink. The coffee grinder has a measuring base and container that ensures you get exactly the right brew every time. You don’t even need a scoop! Plus, it has a silicone lid to keep your ground coffee fresh inside the container. This coffee grinder is perfect for dialing in an espresso and all brewing styles, thereby; offering exceptional cup quality for home, office or cafe.

Weight:22 ounce or 624 gram 
Capacity:will grind enough for up to 50 cups
Dimension: 9.5 Inch x 3.25 Inch or 24cm x 8 cm
Charged:via standard USB port
Battery: 3300mAh