Ode Brew Grinder by FELLOW

Ode Brew Grinder by FELLOW


Ode Brew Grinder by FELLOW

28 January 2020

Ode is a powerful and accurate home grinder with café abilities. When grinders try to tackle both brewed coffee and espresso, they become a master of none. In contrast, Ode was designed to make your daily brewed coffee better, while also performing above the competition in cleanliness and soundlessness! You can now bring the café experience into your kitchen at a fraction of the price. Read on for the full story or click “Back this project” if you’ve seen enough already. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just good coffee! Grind quality and body are crucial to the taste of coffee. With Ode Brew Grinder, predictable and precise particle size is possible with every push of the power button.

Professional-Grade 64mm Flat Burrs

Massive café-sized stainless steel flat burrs decrease grind time and heat generation, while increasing grind particle consistency. At 64mm, these sharp babies are the biggest flat burrs ever put into a home grinder at this price point.

Smart Speed PID Motor

Using sensors to create stability, Ode’s motor control exposes every bean, to equal forces and speed to change grind quality and produce even particle distribution. A PID controller (proportional integral derivative) is only usual in specialized café grinders -costing upwards of $2,700- but has never been engineered in a home grinder. You know when your grinder makes a different high-pitched sound as it finishes grinding? That’s because it’s spinning faster and faster demolishing the last few beans into dust. This leads to non-uniform grinds that affect your final brew, like when you chop vegetables inconsistently and they cook unevenly.

Easy Grind Adjustment

Built to dominate brewed coffee, Ode’s sleek cast metal dial takes you from Prismo to cold brew with 11 settings and 31 steps in between. You know exactly what you’re getting, and you get precisely what you wish for.

Why did we leave espresso out of the equation? We believe home grinders miss the mark when trying to accommodate a wide range of grinds. Espresso deserves calibrated burrs and a wide range of grind settings to dial in your shot. You just can’t do that with a home grinder also calibrated for brewed coffee. Ode Brew Grinder offers a variety of carefully engineered features to make your grinding experience at home quicker, cleaner, quieter, and overall, more enjoyable.

Reduced Grind Noise! We removed the sound-amplifying gramophone-shaped hopper, we used high-quality build materials, and ditched the noisy gearbox for a direct-drive motor. This is how we reduced the grind noise -in comparison with the average home grinder-. Auto Stop is also here to let your fingers do something else while you are preparing your coffee.

Good grinders need a cleaning frequently. A snap-fit front panel and two screws give you access to the burrs for maintenance and fine-tuning. When care is accessible, the life span of your grinder widens and prevents you from prematurely buying a new machine. A bonus benefit for cleanliness: when the electrically grounded vertical chute and knocker work together, the amount of grinds kept in Ode is lower. Grinds flow freely down the chute and any stubborn chaff is knocked off! What you put in is what you get out! 

Ode’s got magnetically aligned catch, this means it can catch snaps into place with magnets to ensure grinds fall neatly from the burrs into the catch each time! With powerful features for precision grinding, Ode Brew Grinder is an ambitious product to date. 

  • Dimensions: 

L: 239 x W: 105 x H: 241.5 mm

L: 9.4 x W: 4.2 x Η: 9.5 in 

  • Weight: 4.5 kg 
  • Grinds Capacity: 80g
  • Cord Length: 1m
  • Voltage: 

120V U.S. and Canada 

220V Select Countries 

  • Amperage: 1.3 A 
  • HZ: 140W 
  • Materials

Stainless steel burrs, aluminium body, plastic load bin and base