Jake Kilo Roaster by Behmor

Jake Kilo Roaster by Behmor


Jake Kilo Roaster by Behmor

26 September 2019

Jake Kilo Roaster is perfect for coffee professionals or roasters. USB communication for PC allows users to switch between the traditional handle and automatic route of driving the roaster.

A kilo can cool in less than 3 minutes—thanks to the 360 watts cooling system. Besides, 100g to 1Kg capacity container gives you many roasts at a time while the average roast time of 15 minutes get things done quickly. Jake coffee roaster is insulated to avoid heating and shock problems.

Batch by batch roasting offers continuous production while the easy bean loading and dumping system redefine your roasting experience.

Insulated component, seamless bean loading and dumping system amongst other detail to design makes for a perfect roaster. Either for home use or professional roaster coffee shop, Jake Kilo Roaster is an ideal choice. Order now.

Heating Power2000+ Watts of Heating Power (20 Amp, 120V Outlet Required)
Intense Cooling System360 Watts
Dimensions14 3/16" Wide X 28" Long X 21" High
Average Roast Times14-15 Minutes to Second Crack
Capacity100 Grams to 1 Kilogram, 3 to 36 ounches
Heavily InsulatedFor Efficiency & Safety
Bean Mass ThermocoupleDirect Temperature Readings
Smoke Suppression TechnologyYes
Perforated Roasting Drum3 LB
Roast Chamber for Stability13 LB