Black Ivory Coffee Brewer & Triple Package

Black Ivory Coffee Brewer & Triple Package

PRICE: $ 730.00

Black Ivory Coffee Brewer & Triple Package

PRICE: $730.00
26 February 2019

At USD 1800/kg, Black Ivory Coffee is the world's most rare and expensive coffee that is created through a process whereby coffee cherries are naturally refined by Thai elephants. It is served at the finest 5* hotels. If you want to have the luxury of experiencing the unique flavors of Black Ivory coffee and, the way in which it can be brewed through the brewer at your own place with family and friends, this is your chance.

The best way to appreciate the process, aroma and flavor of Black Ivory Coffee's delicate tea-like complexity and notes of chocolate, malt, grass, and spice are to brew with this 1840's French style siphon coffee brewer. The process is definitely a conversation starter, and it also makes a fantastic gift!

Order includes:
One Black Ivory Coffee brewer and 3 envelopes of whole roasted Black Ivory Coffee each weighing 35 grams / 1.23 ounces. This order will serve approximately 15 espresso size cups.