Cauldryn™ Coffee Smart Mug

Cauldryn™ Coffee Smart Mug

PRICE: $ 129.99

Cauldryn™ Coffee Smart Mug

PRICE: $129.99
02 October 2019

Coffee in the morning, is one of the most important things for some people to survive from everyday struggles. The problem with coffee on the go, is that you can never enjoy it in the desirable temperature. Sometimes it is too hot, and some other it gets cold really fast.

Cauldryn has the perfect solution for you!

With Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug you can have the temperature that you consider ideal for your drinks, sustained all day long! Cauldryn features a powerful heating element that can keep your coffee hot, brew your coffee or tea, sterilize and boil water, and even heat soup! A free phone application is available so that you can control temperature from distance.

Whatever your drink habits are, Claudryn Coffee Smart Mug has got your back!

Battery Capacity37.75 Wh
Liquid Capacity16 oz
Weight with Battery1.65 lb
Weight without Battery1 lb
Diameter3.75 in
Height with Battery10.5 in
Height without Battery8 in
Primary MaterialStainless Steel
Temperature ScalesCelsius and Fahrenheit
Bluetooth TechnologyYes