O2 - The Sliding-Arms Drone by GDU Technology

O2 - The Sliding-Arms Drone by GDU Technology

PRICE: $ 732.00

O2 - The Sliding-Arms Drone by GDU Technology

PRICE: $732.00
22 November 2019

GDU O2 is a chance that you can't miss. This drone is very easy to use, to carry, and it provides you with several features that will make your experience more creative and fun. First, it is a fully portable drone, so it is easy for you to carry wherever and whenever you want but it also incorporates its props in order to be safer and even more comfortable to transport. GDU O2 includes a 4k resolution camera that transmits and records HD video for 7km. Moreover, it has a vision positioning system that drives the drone automatically away from obstacles making its handling easy enough for most of us. Finally, it has a battery that lasts for 20 minutes which are more than enough for you and your family to enjoy an outstanding experience with the GDU O2 drone.

Dimension:7.3*2.04*3.66 inches
Weight:With battery 1.60lb
Max. horizontal speed:33.6 mph
Max. ascend speed:11.2 mph
Max. flight altitude:11482 ft
More specs at:http://www.gdutech.com/en/o2_specs.html#spec