Trident Underwater Drone by Sofar

Trident Underwater Drone by Sofar

PRICE: $ 1,695.00

Trident Underwater Drone by Sofar

PRICE: $1,695.00
04 August 2019

Trident is a rugged underwater drone designed for exploring the underwater world. The safety-centered invention allows you to explore the underwater either from the top of the water or seashore—you don’t need any scuba diving skill or risk your life.

Trident controller and ultra-thin Kevlar-reinforced tether ensure easy piloting. You can monitor progress and moments through live video feeds. Hardened sapphire lens protects the recording lens from scratch and interruption while video feed helps you control the movement, so you never fly into a diamond.  Sturdy motors can withstand harsh impacts of saltwater, sand, and sediments regardless of how long you explore the wonders of nature underwater. You can mount custom add-ons such as sensor or modules on the payload area for extended capabilities.

Either for recreation, environmental monitoring, science, and research, Trident is the perfect spy drone that explores for you while you watch, control, and feel safe.

Max Depth:100 m
Drive Time:3 hrs
Top Speed:2 m/s (3.89kts / 7.2kph / 4.5mph)
Ext. Dimensions [ L X W X H]: 410mm x 205mm x 86mm (16.1in x 8.1in x 3.4in)
Weight: 3.4kg (7.5lbs) ballasted for freshwater
3.5kg (7.7lbs) ballasted for seawater
Thrusters: 3 ultra-rugged, low-maintenance brushless motors
Battery architecture: 3S4P Li-NMC 18650 cells with built-in PCM, UN38.3 approved
Capacity:95 WH
Charge time: 1.5hr from 20% to 80%, 3hr from 0% to 100%
More spec at:https://www.sofarocean.com/posts/trident-technical-specifications