S1-C - The Water Bike by SCHILLER

S1-C - The Water Bike by SCHILLER

PRICE: $ 5,500.00

S1-C - The Water Bike by SCHILLER

PRICE: $5,500.00
16 August 2019

Take your relaxation and adventure to the sea by riding the S1-C Water Bike which is the perfect bike that provides you with quality fun time on the beach and sea. This water bike helps to improve your ability, timing and accuracy as you perfect your skills, it enables you to challenge ocean water waves with real water surfing bikes. The S1-C provides you with an adventurous experience together with friends and loved ones.

To get the privilege to ride a beach bike is ecstatic but what makes riding a water bike more exciting is the quality of a bike. Let the fun begins with the S1-C water surfer bike at beach and ocean. It is made with the latest technology to provide you with ease of operation and features quality materials which makes it durable and long lasting.

Sizes:Small/Medium (for people up to 5'8" tall)
Large/Extra Large (for people 5'8" or taller)
Colors:White on light grey, Black on light grey
Max. Support:Frame is 2” in width, supports up to 300 lbs