Jet Capsule Mini Yacht

Jet Capsule Mini Yacht


Jet Capsule Mini Yacht

25 November 2019

The Jet Capsule is a futuristic yacht that is fully customizable and measures 24ft in length. The Jet Capsule is made from 70% carbon using vacuum-infusion molding and has photochromic windows, which change their transparency in response to light intensity.  With an innovative hydro propulsion system, the Jet Capsule is equipped with a single or dual engines ranged from 370 to 740 horsepower with a top speed of 35 knots, or 40mph. This compact yacht that can be luxurious. Small enough to minimize high costs for it being kept in a port, but large enough to carry a group of friends to an island where they can sleep aboard in comfort. Also, a fully customizable interior that can include a small kitchen and bathroom and beds, luxurious extras such as mood lighting and a sundeck.

LOA "Lenght over all":7.35 m
Dry Displacement:2.30 t
Displacement at Full Load:3.58 t
Design Category:C
Fuel Capacity:230 L
Fresh Water Capacity:88 L
Standard Power Single Engine Installed:1x370 hp
Max Speed:35 knots
Standard Full Tank Autonomy:110 NM
Maximum Load:12+1 ps