EDGE by Phlex

EDGE by Phlex

PRICE: $ 250.00

EDGE by Phlex

PRICE: $250.00
09 January 2020

The EDGE by Phlex is designed to sit tight on the temple and to bring accurate swimmer's heart rate results with real time feedback for the swimmer and the coach. Moreover, it recognizes workout structure, sets, strokes and intervals with zero input, which helps to track swimmer's workout. There are more than 30 swimming metrics displayed in the Phlex Swim App, but in order to improve athlete's technique- with a clear and concise technical analysis- EDGE is the best option.

Workout Dynamics:

  • Set Structure
  • Set Intervals
  • Set Expansion
  • Set Specific Heart Rate
  • Training Goals
  • Splash Score
  • Calories


  • Automatic Stroke Detection
  • Individual Medley and Mix Detection
  • Kick, Skull and Drill Detection
  • Graphed Workout Stroke Distribution
  • Lap & Stroke Specific DPS
  • Efficiency Metrics (Coming Soon)


  • Pace
  • Interval
  • Set Time
  • Distance
  • Timed Training Zones

Heart Rate:

  • Training Zones
  • Heart Rate Over Time
  • User Marked Workout Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Maximum Heart Rate
  • Phlex Recommended Heart Rate Zones