Retro Compact Keyboard by AZIO

Retro Compact Keyboard by AZIO

PRICE: $ 219.99

Retro Compact Keyboard by AZIO

PRICE: $219.99
29 November 2019

The AZIO Retro Compact is inspired by vintage typewriters and crafted with zinc alloy frame, authentic leather or wood surface, spherical round key caps, pillar feet with adjustable height, and full backlight illumination. Compact in form and works with most devices, you can conveniently take it from your home to a café, office, or anywhere you like.

AZIO combined genuine material and innovative technology in a classical typewriter-inspired form factor.

Dimensions:147 x 455 x 40 mm / 5.8 x 17.91 x 1.58 in
Weight:1588 g / 3.5 lbs
Operating Life:50,000,000 Cycles
Operating System:Windows & mac OS
Backlight:Yes (adjustable brightness)