inCharge 6 by Rolling Square

inCharge 6 by Rolling Square

PRICE: € 106.00 €62.00

inCharge 6 by Rolling Square

PRICE: €106.00 €62.00
04 February 2020

inCharge 6 by Rolling Square is a universal cable input solution that lets you charge all of your portable devices.

Rolling Square, the manufacturer, is a company focused on creating innovative tech-products, with premium quality to offer extreme functionality at an affordable price.

No matter what type of cable input you might need to connect and charge your portable devices, the inCharge 6 will have it. 

Have a look at this awesome universal connectivity solution and see exactly what it offers.


The Rolling Square inCharge 6 is a single everyday carry and you can use it to charge all of your portable devices whenever needed. It is consistent of of high-quality materials that make it ultra-tough.

This multi-connectivity solution is also small and offers convenience to the users. It is the best key-ring cable you’ll ever find. You can easily carry it in your keychain, right next to your keys!

It’s important to note that inCharge 6 supports USB-C fast charging, but that depends on the device you need to charge. 

  • Function: Charging
  • Support current: over 2A current
  • Product length: 10cm
  • Product color: red, black, blue, white
  • Car Charger: Can be used for car chargers with USB ports;
  • Charger: Can be used to charge the data port on the phone;
  • PC charging: can be used for charging and data transmission after connecting PC;
  • Keychain: Can be used to hang the car key and home key.
  • Advantages: Unique design structure, innovative design concept, perfect combination of data cable and key ring.