Mobile Workstation by Alcove

Mobile Workstation by Alcove

PRICE: $ 89.00 $75.00

Mobile Workstation by Alcove

PRICE: $89.00 $75.00
06 November 2019

Open offices shared workspaces, and remote work on the go- today’s workforce faces more confusions than ever before. The physical office space as we know it today is easily dissolving away. Work environments will pop up and surround you when you need to be effective. Alcove is a first of its kind laptop case that unfolds into your personal, mobile workstation. Alcove’s patent-pending side panels boost privacy when working in open spaces. Optional accessories include a light bar which changes visibility when working in low-lit spaces and a visor that blocks sun glare. With Alcove you can transform your personal space into a private workstation, instantly.

Size:13.75"L x 11"W x 2"H 
Laptop Size:13 in
Material:PU leather, felt
Colors:Charcoal Black, Light Gray