Maui - Medium by Wurf Board

Maui - Medium by Wurf Board

PRICE: $ 139.00

Maui - Medium by Wurf Board

PRICE: $139.00
17 January 2020

Maui - Medium by Wurf Board is a curved board for rocker and it improves your original air-spring design by its slight curve of the board's bottom. It boosts more mobility while standing and an extra layer of thickness for increased durability. 

Two local California artists worked together to digitally render a unique printed woodcut pattern and produced Wurf's latest designs, Ocean Blue, Kona Coffee, and Dolphin Gray. You can find those colours available only in Medium.

''The small constant movements are the key to the wurf board's ability to allow users to stand comfortably and productively for a far longer time span than possible with typical anti-fatigue mats'' says Jeb Burns

  • Size: Medium - 30.6" x 16.6"
  • Color Options: Ocean Blue, Kona Coffee, or Dolphin Gray
  • Double layered surface for increased durability.
  • Slight curve to the bottom promotes side to side movement.
  • 2" high curved edge massages feet arches and permits lower-leg stretches.
  • Lightweight (3 lb), easy to slide in and out with your feet when switching between standing and sitting, especially helpful for people who have difficulty bending over.
  • Fully adjustable air-spring surface, firm or bouncy, to meet your weight and performance needs. (Max Weight: 350 lb)
  • Non-slip dimpled design, grips all types of flooring when weight is applied to it.
  • Use with or without shoes (no stiletto heels).