offGrid by birdkids

offGrid by birdkids

PRICE: € 89.00

offGrid by birdkids

PRICE: €89.00
30 April 2020

offGrid by birdkids is a palm-sized MIDI/OSC controller that lets you make music anywhere. °Grid gives your apps the natural feel of a traditional instrument using motion, gesture, touch and velocity-sensitivity. It fits any style and skill level, while it is instantly compatible with all of your existing devices. It is also a free, companion editor app for iOS and Android and it lets you store any configuration as a preset and recall on-the-fly.

°Grid uses LED-backlit, velocity-sensitive silicone pads and a unique multi-directional modulation Joystick. The lightweight, responsive design will help capture your creative ideas wherever you are. °Grid will keep running all day long on a single charge, so you can go from sketch to masterpiece without skipping a beat.Drumpad, Keyboard and haptic controller in one.

  • Multidirectional Modulation Joystick (continuous data stream).
  • 2x2 Transport pad-Grid (Velocity-sensitive, LED-backlit, color-customizable).
  • 4x4 Performance pad-Grid (Velocity-sensitive, LED-backlit).
  • Accelerometer (continuous data stream).
  • Gyroscope (continuous data stream).
  • Gestural Machine Learning (AI) Core.