Glow C by Awair

Glow C by Awair

PRICE: $ 89.00

Glow C by Awair

PRICE: $89.00
04 March 2020

A product that lets you control the health and ambience of your space, Awair Glow C monitors your air quality and triggers “non-smart” devices such as humidifiers, air purifiers, and fans to maintain the health of your space. You can now know your air quality. Everyday activities and household products can cause your indoor air quality to be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

See the Unseen

Glow C monitors chemicals (VOCs), temperature, and humidity levels to give you real-time insight into your air quality. Many everyday household items, cleaning products, and building materials contain toxic chemicals which can pollute your air and impact your health.

Smart Night Life

Transform your Glow C into a smart night light by customizing the color, brightness, saturation, and motion triggers.

Understand your air quality and track improvements in real-time on your Glow C or in the Awair app and Breathe Easy!


  • Chemicals (TVOCs): 0 to 60,000 ppb +/-15%
  • Temperature: 0 to 90° C (32-194°F) +/- 0.2° C (+/- 0.36° F)
  • Humidity: 0 to 100% +/- 2%p
  • Motion: PIR

System Requirements

  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Smartphone or tablet with support for Bluetooth 4.0 and above, running the latest version of iOS or Android
  • Free Awair account


  • Working Wi-Fi connection: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0


  • Usage: ~3W
  • Input: 100~120V AC, 50/60Hz, Switch
  • Output: 14A Max, ~1700W