Smart+ Camera Trigger by MIOPS

Smart+ Camera Trigger by MIOPS

PRICE: $ 219.00

Smart+ Camera Trigger by MIOPS

PRICE: $219.00
21 January 2020

Are you looking for the finest camera trigger ever? MIOPS SMART+, offers unique characteristics! It takes almost impracticable photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!

The coolest way to capture Lightning Strikes! With the support of the integrated light sensor, Miops Smart+ Camera Trigger discovers the lightning strike and triggers your camera immediately. The best and easiest lightning-activated trigger ever.

Do you wish to turn your usual camera into a high-speed capture device? Then supply yourself for High Speed Photography, with the MIOP SMART+!

High speed photography is a piece of cake with Sound Trigger model. Trigger your camera or flash by sound! Capture things you normally couldn’t, such as breaking glass, popping balloons. Enjoy the result. Stop the motion when the laser beam is broken. Freeze water droplets, stop bullets or photograph animals using Laser Trigger mode.

The perfect gadget to produce time-lapse series. The time-lapse mode allows you to specify the interval time anywhere between one second and one hour, and how many photos to be taken. Program your Time-lapse photos for days or even months! Isn't it great? 

  • Lightning: MIOPS Smart detects the lightning strike and trigger your camera at the exact moment.
  • Sound: Sound mode allows you to capture high-speed events such as breaking glasses or popping balloons.
  • Timelapse: MIOPS Smart is the perfect gadget to take time-lapse pictures.
  • Laser: Laser mode is used to detect a laser beam and trigger your camera or flash when the beam is broken. Freeze a water droplet, a bullet or photograph a wild animal.
  • HDR: Flawless pictures with different exposures (between 1/30 and 30 secs) taken automatically even if your camera doesn't have a bracketing feature to make an HDR image.
  • Smartphone Controllable: MIOPS Smart is smartphone controllable. You will have the comfort of using your smartphone to change the settings of your device within Bluetooth range.