UrbiGo intelligent nano garden

UrbiGo intelligent nano garden

PRICE: € 149.00

UrbiGo intelligent nano garden

PRICE: €149.00
17 December 2019

Grow greens, share knowledge and collect badges. Easy first time setup.

Insert 4 organic plants capsules. Track plants progress and learn about benefits. 

Choose your plants! UrbiGo starter pack comes with a set of 4 plant capsules and 100% organic seeds of your choice. Plant capsules are biodegradable and sprout in just a few days. Choose your favorite and let's start growing!

  • Organic plant capsules

No need for fertilizers or special care. UrbiGo plant capsules are ready to grow and come with 100% organic seeds of your choice.

  • Automated system

The water level sensors in UrbiGo reservoir will tell you when to add more water. Also, special growing lights will give an optimal amount of light.

  • App for a remote growing

Control your mini garden wherever you are and share the progress with others online and learn more about the plants you grow!