Drift W1 - The New E-Skate by Segway-Ninebot

Drift W1 - The New E-Skate by Segway-Ninebot

PRICE: £ 319.00

Drift W1 - The New E-Skate by Segway-Ninebot

PRICE: £319.00
15 September 2019

The Drift W1 e-skate makes use of the self-balancing technology that enables the e-skate to be very easy to pick up and navigate. The Drift W1 enables the rider to easily step on and off promptly in case of emergency. It has a rubber bumper and magnesium alloy skeleton which bring you a comfortable experience.

The Drift W-1 e-skate comes with a maximum speed, a maximum payload, and torque to optimize the steering and riding experience. Step on, and you will get going effortlessly in minutes. This e-skate is lightweight making it easy to carry and transport. It features an elastic band at the rear end allows you to easily hold on both skates in one hand. You can take it with you as a carry-on luggage on cruises, trains, and planes.

Max Speed12 Km/H
Net Weight3.5 Kg (Single E-Skate)
Dimensions291 x 162 x 121 mm (Single E-skate)
Battery44.4 Wh
Max Climb Angles10 Degrees
Payload10-100 Kg
Riding Time45 Minutes
Charging Time3 Hours
Water ResistanceMainframe IP54
Battery Pack IPx6
Power Output37.5 W